Crystal "Light" Parker is a R&B and soul singer, songwriter, musician, as well as a John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach, trainer and motivational speaker. Light is also a mother of two and philanthropist from Hampton, VA. Light writes and performs her music and speaks out by following her guiding principles — lift, inspire, guide, heal, and teach. Light wants to add value to the lives of those she comes in contact with through her music and speaking engagements.She sees the struggle and hurt in the world and intends to provide an escape through music, speaking and community involvement.  Light is a founder of the Derrick B. Spencer Memorial Fund, a non-profit dedicated to helping the community in memory of her brother Derrick. Proceeds from her music are donated to the cause. 

"I want you to put on your headphones and come alive. I want my music to motivate change. I love to write, tell me a story and I'll write you a song" — Light