Copy of Thank's Megan!!

I love my jobs and fully enjoy working with youth. However, there are times when life can just be overwhelming. There have been days that I sit and think: am I really making a difference, is this really worth it?? A few days ago, on my way to work I said, "God am I really bearing fruit"? (ever felt like you're planting and nothing is growing) When I got to work there was a letter on my desk. I opened it and saw a big THANK YOU! I smiled and began to read.  Thank you is nice to hear, but today it meant so much more. 

Last year Megan won the Outstretched Hands award.  She used the money to help with her trip to Hong Kong.  Through facebook I was able to keep up with all the cool things she saw and was a part of.  The Derrick Spencer Memorial Fund was a small part of Megan's life changing experience. During her visit she stated that she received confirmation of her future path!

Well Megan with this letter, you were my confirmation. Confirmation that the Derrick Spencer Memorial Fund and its monetary seeds and gifts are growing into great things, and above all we are making a difference.

Today I say thank you kindly Megan, for the reminder that what we do really matters and we are making a difference.  To all those who give their time, buy dinners, attend events, and give monthly I share this THANK YOU, with you. I am forever thankful for all you do to keep the Memorial fund alive.  (Her letter is below.)

Also, The Derrick Spencer Memorial Fund was able to supply a computer bundle to Talaya Scott, who will be attending Lees-McRae College, and $100.00 to DeShawn Clark who will be attending Ferrum College.

Stay tuned to the schedule for the next Outstretched Hands Award to be given out October 27, 2018. Will you be nominated, do you know someone that should be nominated??????


We are not asking you to pay the recipients whole tuition, just to be a small blessings.

Small blessings are seedlings to great things.