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for the ladies

This morning I woke up feeling super confident, accomplished, excited, I Am Great!! I had used the weekend just as I had planned. I set specific goals and STUCK all the way to them.  Well, all but one. While away I was to start and finish a specific book, rewrite my Dream, Vision, and Mission. After this was done I was to write out my daily habits that I would remove, change and add to my routine, set a large goal then chop it up into smaller more reasonable goals, and then I was to plan out my calendar through February. I was supposed to take a walk on the beach, listen to the waves, pray, meditate, listen, gather my thoughts, relax, pop some popcorn and watch a movie and enjoy time alone. Sounds awesome, seems easy.......well there were a FEW speed bumps along the way, but I made it!

Speed Bumps

I planned to leave at 12:30 sharp. I backed my little car in a parking spot so that I could run in and prepare to leave for the day. Suddenly I feel something funny. Did I just hit the curb?? Not only did I just rub against the curb, I braised against a small pile of crumbled cement which punctured my tire! I was almost upset, then I thought, IT,S VACATION DAY, you have AAA, givem a call and lets go! That's just what I did. With a smile on my face I quickly dialed up the number and requested assistance. YES!!...,no. When the gentleman asked me to move my car over just a bit, it would not start. Ok my spirits are still up. It's just the battery, he can give me a jump. At this moment I didn't care if I had to buy a new one for a quick fix. However, it was not the battery. An hour later the car is being towed away. I'd soon find out I needed a new starter.  Still I return to work, chin up, i'll just drive the other car. No matter what I am going, and it is going to e great!  I call an Uber, picked up my truck, grabbed my bags and HOORAY!!!I AM OFF!!. Only to get through the tunnel, get a phone call stating that I have unfinished business that needs immediate attention. Ok my excitement just jumped out of the window, like ALL THE WAY OUT!! I find an exit, turn around, and look at the traffic I will now be sitting in.  I finally get back on my side, sign my name and once again, I'm off,...again. Five hours later than expected I have arrived, let the real adventure begin.

I check in, sit, stand, open the door, listen to the waves and calm down. Where shall I start. After i'm settled I spread out my books, study papers and all i'll need for this weekend. Then, lol, leave the room. It's time to eat.  I decide I will start fresh in the morning. 

Over the last four days I was able to clear my mind, say hello to my mom, thank God for life and meet each goal i had set out to meet except completing my calendar.  When I returned home I had a meeting, did some outreach, prayed for a friend, spent time with my kids, baked a pie, prayed and tucked them and said, "I WILL NOT ACCEPT DEFEAT!" The weekend is not over and I will accomplish EVERY GOAL than I said I would! I pulled out my two planners and my phone and went to work. After writing out all I wanted on my calendar, I closed my eyes, placed my hand on the paper,  and asked for God's approval, guidance, and strength..12:01. Not bad

In conclusion, my weekend experience was great! However, I chose to look at the experience as a FAIL because I did not accomplish one thing on my list. Yes, in the end I did push through and get it done, but how could I be so upset, saddened, and defeated? Could I have not been proud of myself for all that I did get done? Then after accomplishing the goal I wake up eager to share and think, well, maybe not. I don't want others to think I'm being braggadocious, why would they care about my weekend, what is this really to share? This weekend I read, "women have a tendency to underestimate their potential, are more likely than men to underestimate their abilities and speak with less confidence about their accomplishments". 

Well ladies now you know! and you are responsible for all new knowledge.  Use it wisely.  I shared my weekend success, now it's your turn!  What makes you successful, what goals did you accomplish, what speed bump did you get over?  It does not have to be a massive to do.  All that matters is that you did it, you got it done. And for that, you are GREAT!